Stop the Plastic Bag Ban


Sad news, the plastic ban was signed in by Governor Brown.  I was hoping he would actually read it but he passed all the so called "green" bills.  The only green is what the grocers will get in no longer supplying customers with bags.  The fee is 10 cents and up for each bag.  Already there are places that charge a quarter. 
I have found links along the way and have put them in a blog.  If the site says it takes 1000 years to degrade then you know it is bogus.  The plastic bag has only been around 50 years and doesn't take that long. 
The bill forces you to buy and bring your own bags period.  Not green at all. 

Stop the plastic bag bans and help the planet.

I found this on a comments section about the plastic bag ban.  I can't say it better.

Wait... We were going to vote more Save the Earth Politicians who can pass the following SAVE THE EARTH bills. California will always be first in Saving the Earth.

I have some earth saving ideas that I have experienced in other countries that have limited resources and they all worked wonderfully. Everyone in California should follow suit. The following bills will be proposed in Congress:

SB 660: Curfew 12 am to 5 am. Ban 24/7 businesses. All CA citizens should be home sleeping between 12 am and 5 am. This will save 25% energy.

SB 661: Ban all motorized, electric and fueled vehicles and transportation. All CA citizens should walk to work or ride their bicycles to go to their destination. No horses for transportation. That is animal cruelty. This will save gasoline, fuel, oil, maintain clean atmosphere, save energy by about 75%.

SB 662: Brownouts. No electricity between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm. This will save about 50% energy. This works well in third world countries and we should do the same.

SB 663: Water Shut-Offs. Water will be shut off between 7 pm to 7 am. California is facing severe drought, therefore this will save 50% in water. If you need water, walk to the store to buy bottled water. But practice good planning because there are curfews and 24/7 businesses are banned. This works well in third world countries and we should do the same.

SB 664: Bring Your Own Dishes and Utensils. When you go to food places and restaurants, they will no longer offer plates, cups, utensils. You will be required to bring your own "reusable" dishes, cups and utensils. This alone will save the earth resources by 35%. There will no longer be trash. No more styrofoam, no more paper plates or plastic cups. Clean your own dishes, cups and utensils. I went to a restaurant with the BYO plates and utensils. It was a great earth-saving idea.

SB 665: Ban pre-wrapping and boxes. All items in the stores will no longer have plastic or box wrappings. All of the information will be included in the product itself or recorded in the product. This means that batteries should not be pre-wrapped in plastic, fruits cannot be pre-wrapped in plastic, laptops and accessories cannot be boxed, everything will have no pre-wrapping nor boxing. All of the meat and food cannot be pre-wrapped. This will save 75% in resources.

SB 666: Ban houses and buildings. When there are rains, floods, storms, tornadoes, hurricanes and tsunamis, the materials get carried into the ocean and harm the ocean life. People should start living in caves as shelters away from the ocean and any body of water. People should start doing their business inside caves made of rocks with no man-made materials. This is the ultimate solution to saving ocean life.

I have been doing the above for 30 years and everyone should be forced to do the same. It is no big deal. It is so refreshing that we are all forced to save energy and resources. Sustainability is the key. Green thinking is the solution. So stop whining and let us all save the earth.