Stop the Plastic Bag Ban


I do the bulk of the shopping for the family.  This is a site to put all my research in one place. 
At first my search was a selfish one.  I didn't want to haul bags in my trunk.
Today it is a mission. The people behind the plastic bag ban don't do it to save the earth.  It's done for profit. 
Plastic bags are the best solution for the environment because they can be recycled back to a bag.  A closed loop.  Plastic bags were the solution when they came in to save the trees back in the eighties and they are still the best option today. 
I named the site "Stop the Food Tax" because it is being passed off as a "fee," but when you buy the reusable bags and the plastic bags to replace the ones you no longer get for free, you pay tax.  Money you didn't have to pay before.